Update: Snake for other platforms

I changed a little bit the code to obtain a web version of the game!
The links are added in download zone !
Since I love open source all the codes are released in the zip file.
The HTML and Javascript codes are not commented because all the work
is done by Processing which has a javascript mode which allows to convert
the code from Processing language to Javascript! Have fun!

Happy sketching!


Snake for others platforms

As you can see in the previous post it is possible to run a simplified snake version also on Arduino Esplora. But have you got Arduino Esplora?
If the answer is no you can play to this fantastic game also with your own personal computer (Mac, Linux or Windows doesn't matter). How?
By installing the Processing app (you can download  it here), but what is such an application and why have I to install it?
Because it is an open source language which allows to develop your own graphical applications without particular skills. It's very easy, trust me.
A friend of mine discovered Processing and now he is programming his own applications both for his computer and for his Android Phone and now he put his app also on the Google Play Store (oh yes you can make many money if you have a good idea).
Ok, have you downloaded Processing? Well, there is a version of Snake also for you and you can find it in the download page of this website (link) for all the computer OS (i.e. Linux Mac and Windows) and there will be also a little easter egg (I will reveal it on the next post when all will be ready).
The code is coming soon because I have to add the comments to make it readable also to other people because, also if it is a porting of the Arduino game some parts of the code have had to be rewritten.
If there are any problem feel free to comment!