Hi guys,
this blog is about electronic and how it can be used to Make your own DIY project. You will wonder how easy it is. It will be focused on Arduino which is a powerful tool to develop your own applications. I love it and you will love it too. It is an open source and open hardware instrument and there is a lot of documentation on the web, so it will be very easy to obtain what you want with a little searches.
I will try to post some of my projects to guide you on how some things can be realized. So there will be a lot o sketches (written in C) highly commented to explain how the code works and what it is doing with such an operation. If there are misunderstanding feel free to comment for more explanations on what the code is doing, I will try to help you.
Moreover there will be also others programs, not only Arduino ones. As a matter of fact I have fun also developing some applications for Android or PC so also these codes will be posted. Many of them will be done with Processing and I will post also these codes. They are part of the DIY project that I am following and I want to share with you.

Happy sketching.